Points to ponder about Elijah

  1. God doesn’t have to speak through storms, earthquakes .He can speak through, and often does, in a soft wisper or a light breeze. But he’s always there.
  2. Elijah’s faith in grand miracles was crushed, leading him to despair and dejection. Instead of the miracles convincing others who the real God is, the miracle brought on more intense hatred and persecution, opposite to what he thought was gonna happen.  He was in fear of his life from the most powerful evil queen and utterly close to death.  But God corrected him, had crows feed him bread, put him to sleep and then brought him back to life.
  3. Somewhat self-righteous, Elijah was despairing about being the only believer left.  God showed him how great He is by telling Elijah, there are 7000 more pure ones I’ve reserved for myself.  You are not the only one.

About R. Lin

依靠主8年。感謝主給我們好老師和好教材,欲將在北美聽到的講道以及課文翻譯成中文與更多朋友分享。提姆凱勒有一句極有趣的話:文是為福音所造。"The ultimate purpose of language is the Gospel." - Tim Keller 福音美兮,願我在這裡的拙文能同大家享受也分享上帝的福音。 現職建築工程業界,禱告順服給上帝使用。 C.S. Lewis Institute Fellow (Chicago Chapter) 魯益師研究院 同仁 Registered Translator in British Columbia (Chinese to English); Translator and interpreter of English to Chinese literature Enthusiast of Christian apologetics, art, culture, history, literature, religion, science, philosophy, design, music, and thoughtful living.
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