Saying Goodbye to Anthony Bourdain, and the ‘Bourdain Soul’

See my response to this post. I had wanted to write a tribute to Anthony Bourdain on my own but hadn’t gotten started in time.  Eric’s post provided the perfect opportunity for me to collaboratively discuss Bourdain with other thinkers and fans, so I posted as a comment – an article-length comment.  Things are always better in interaction.

Eric Hyde's Blog

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If you don’t know who Anthony Bourdain is it’s probably because you hate traveling and good food. He was THE perennial all-star travel and food critic; he held the job that I, and anyone with any sense of sense, dreamed of having.

And besides the actual Anthony Bourdain – the witty, sarcastic, crass storyteller, chef extraordinaire – I think many fans have a place in their souls which could be called the ‘Bourdain soul’; that special place in the psyche lost in dreams of endless travel and culinary luxury. This dream would remain pure fantasy if it were not for a select few people, like Anthony Bourdain, who actually lived the dream.

Now, I’m not totally foolish. I know from the dozens of celebrity suicides in the past that the luxurious life does not guarantee a paradise of soul; I know from endless readings of my spiritual heroes of the…

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