我的神必照祂在基督耶穌裡榮耀的豐富,滿足我們一切所需。腓Philippians 4:19


我是鲁易士研究所 C.S. Lewis Institute 一員,平時最愛聽講課如各神學院講座、護教學會談、凱勒講道等等。平時愛好學習護道、辯論、從小特愛音樂、美術、文化、歷史、天文地理等等。

This site is dedicated to translations of Gospel-centered articles, papers, sermons and books (to/from English/Chinese) for cross-cultural, bilingual ministry in an EnglishChinese context.  From time to time I will post a couple of soul articles or critiques that I feel inspired to write.

Christianity has contributed enormously to the Western world for thousands of years.  I greatly enjoy the abundant resources within English-speaking Christendom, and sincerely believe that much of these resources can significantly benefit Chinese audiences.  At the very least, introduce new food for thought, if not provide solace in times of confusion, lostness and struggle.   I am happy to be able to offer my fellow Chinese-speaking readers this material to widen their options, and for comparison with existing/mainstream Chinese belief systems and moral/philosophical/cultural/theological/social psychology/esoteric systems.  The Chinese, like the Egyptians, Greeks and Babylonians, have an abundant, long-standing history of such systems.  However, there is still room for truth to shine through.  Lots of room.  We are, like all other earthlings, still looking for the true medicine.  And so I hope that my obsessive urge to translate sermons and articles will help more people benefit from the Gospel.

May the Lord bless us with his light and life through Christ, and to always equip us abundantly for our needs.

About Me

In the daytime I am an applied scientist, primarily of the building physics and architectural acoustics subjects.  I spend my time tinkering with learning apologetics; I grew up loving art, music, history and culture.


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  1. Barbie says:

    Hello have you ever considered translating Dr. David Wood videos. He does Christian apologetics with Focus in educating other about the religion of Islam.

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