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依靠主11年。感謝主給我們好老師和好教材,欲將在北美聽到的講道以及課文翻譯成中文與更多朋友分享。提姆凱勒有一句極有趣的話:文是為福音所造。"The ultimate purpose of language is the Gospel." - Tim Keller 福音美兮,願我在這裡的拙文能同大家享受也分享上帝的福音。 現職建築工程業界,禱告順服給上帝使用。 C.S. Lewis Institute Fellow (Chicago Chapter) 魯益師研究院 同仁 Registered Translator in British Columbia (Chinese to English); Translator and interpreter of English to Chinese literature Enthusiast of Christian apologetics, art, culture, history, literature, religion, science, philosophy, design, music, and thoughtful living.


我們眼拙,看不見祂真正的榮耀,只能認真禱告用心生活,感受祂的愛,同時從祂偉大奧妙的作為(“功能”僅為其一部分,連為我們寫聖經也算啊)和被祂造的物(宇宙天地和一切自然界裡原理,細至人類心理,廣至天體物理等)來體會祂的一點點好。就算只能看到祂的”功能“(也看你如何定義,例如說幫助我這項功能的話,也包括愛我)也已經是極為美妙了,何來哀戚?   「基督徒」记得: 祂(耶和華)不喜悅馬的力大、 不喜愛人的腿快。  耶和華喜愛敬畏和盼望祂慈愛的人。 -- 詩篇147:7  不是因爲祂多麽需要我們的崇拜與愛,而是只有從愛祂仰望他我們才真正能活出最美好最幸福最有價值最被愛充滿的那個自己。因爲祂才是原始設計者,— 祂知道我們存在的意義和價值爲何,祂有我們一切所需的鑰匙和資源和愛。我們不是憑空需要愛的,我們是intentionally被造成需要愛的,祂能給我們真正的養分,nurture us into our best and most beautiful with His Truth, His true love.

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Tim Keller- The Wounded Spirit

You are more complex than reductionistic NLP and modern psychology can manage – only God offers the full multidimensional repairs you truly need Every book on emotional and psychological therapy is reductionistic.  No other book treats you as truly complex … Continue reading

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A Lost Letter to Wormwood

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出走的先知 The Prodigal Prophet (Chinese Translation)

第一部譯作。分享第一本譯作的青澀(巧得書皮也是青色哇哈)。以後若要繼續翻譯的話定還得更多加油改進。My very first published translated book for my all-time favorite apologist and preacher, Tim Keller 🙂I praise God SO MUCH for making this happen. Praise be to God! It is absolutely incredible I am able to contribute.And, I will improve … Continue reading

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Intellectual Humility

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A Dozen Evidences for the Resurrection of Jesus

Originally posted on Reflections:
Jesus’s resurrection is at the very heart of historic Christianity. In fact, the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ is both a central doctrinal belief of the faith and the primary evidence for the truth of the…

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Brilliant talk on status of our post-truth culture

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A prayer

I arise today through the strength of heaven; Light of sun, radiance of moon, Splendor of fire, speed of lightening, Swiftness of wind, depth of sea, Stability of earth, firmness of rock. I arise today through God’s strength to pilot … Continue reading

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Why Making Decisions Is So Hard – Tim Challies 為何做決定這麼困難

Making decisions is one of the most difficult things we do.  If it is that hard to choose between the mint chocolate chip and the rocky road, how much more do we agonize over this church or that church, this … Continue reading

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Why Natural Selection is probably a misnomer

I think natural selection is somewhat of a misnomer. Even natural processes can be God directed. For example, the cold winters were planned and executed precisely and intently, down to the exact temperature and duration, to cause necessary intended changes … Continue reading

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