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Unadulterated true love the only medicine

Tim Keller does it again.  Floored.  This is the only medicine that can stop pain and compost evil and suffering into good. First, we have to understand our common conception of “love” is really “HUNGER” in disguise. That’s not love, … Continue reading

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Ravi Zacharias: How to rescue a declining culture

Ravi Zacharias in New Delhi: […] four thoughts on how we can rescue a declining culture: We must understand WHOSE we are – we have intrinsic worth because we were created in the image of God. This is SONSHIP.  We … Continue reading

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The truly great know how to measure their life

http://mtpleasant.tenth.ca/media/2015-06-22-the-truly-great-know-how-to-measure-their-life Sermon by Ken Shigematsu of Tenth Church Vancouver based on Luke 12: 13-21 Highly recommended!

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“While I am a passionate believer that God is at work in space and time, and that he is sovereign over all things, I have never been particularly convinced by the idea that there’s a “one” for you. I just … Continue reading

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馬特·錢德勒 像個男人點 2013 Act like men

“People say, “God wants me to be happy”. Where does it say that in the text?” 人們說,“上帝要我快樂。”書裡哪裡這麼寫著了? + Matt Chandler 馬特·錢德勒 “Act Like Men 2013”  像個男人點 2013 Psalm 68:1-10. 3 But may the righteous be glad     and rejoice … Continue reading

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修·羅斯博士: 關於上帝存在的最新科學證據

such an awesome speech that I translated it word for word! The best ride through Bible and the universe… ever. Continue reading

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提姆凱勒:登山寶訓的真相 Tim Keller: Kingdom of God

神國的常態 很好的講道,有中文字幕。過癮!!

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