Jonah and Jesus sleeping in the boat during a storm



I love the story of Jonah.  The childlike transparency with which he displayed the sins of jealousy, bitterness, self-righteousness, rebellion and disobedience acts as a brightly-lit, crystal-clear full-size mirror into the ugliest, but most pitiful and God-needy part of my own heart.

I dug around online and found a lot of good resources on this subject.  For now I just want to ponder the storm and the slumber that link the OT and the NT together.

Jesus Calms the Storm (the contrasts between Jesus and Jonah)

T. Keller on Jonah and Jesus, notes by others:

9 Ways Jonah Prefigured Jesus

Jonah and Jesus


9 ways Jonah prefigured Jesus
9 Ways Jonah Prefigured Jesus

A word doc that some may find of interest:  SLEEPING_THROUGH_THE_STORM

and a Google book excerpt.

Jonah and the whale

Jonah and the whale

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從主6年、依靠主、愛主。感謝主給我們好老師和好教材,幸福之餘亦興奮,想要把在北美聽到的課翻譯成中文與更多朋友分享!福音真的是無價的珍珠!提姆凱勒有一句極有趣的話:文是為福音所造。"The ultimate purpose of language is the Gospel." - Tim Keller 福音美兮,願我在這裡的拙文能同大家享受也分享上帝的福音。 家在溫哥華,現今在芝加哥建築工程業界工作(因此而翻譯事工停頓了許多年),禱告有一天能全心全意地好好地宣道、講道、護道、翻譯、畫畫聖經啟示,等。 C.S. Lewis Institute Fellow (Chicago Chapter) 魯益師研究院 同仁 Registered Translator in British Columbia (Chinese to English); Translator and interpreter of English to Chinese literature Pianist (Canadian Royal Conservatory of Music) Enthusiast of Christian apologetics, art, culture, history, literature, religion, science, philosophy, design and thoughtful living.
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